It all began on the farm....

Our sense of community is of utmost importance as humans; learning how to care for our environment, while caring for our bodies, is crucial as we grow during our life.


Seasoned Harvest wants to share all the local ​favorites we have grown up loving! We bring these products directly to you for your family to enjoy.

We foster a relationship with the community through nature and nutrition. Nature provides all we need; becoming aware stewards is important. Using a basket and good ol’ fresh air & dirt, we will grow goodness, season our harvest, and have some fun while doing it!

Do you remember how much you loved being outside as a child? Observing a bumblebee sniffing a flower, biting into a juicy plum, snatching up green beans dangling from their vine, walking barefoot through mossy grass and shaded trees.

Our education program, Growing Goodness, grew from this love of outdoors and community. We love watching children become curious whenever they are outdoors. 

Observing and educating about these small moments outdoors became a passion. Oh, and teaching how to cook delicious food too; because, who doesn’t like to eat?!


We welcome you to explore with our family outdoors and learn something new in the kitchen! 


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