Aslan Brewery

Aslan Brewery


This organic brewery is based in beautiful Bellingham. The mission is simple: produce world-class organic ales & lagers using local ingredients and sustainable practices in order to promote a healthier, happier, and more environmentally conscious community. What makes a beer organic? Simply put; organic beer uses only the best certified organic and sustainably grown ingredients available on the market. 


Dawn Patrol: 5.5% ABV // 18 IBU // 1.054 OG

Medium Body+Pineapple & Mango Notes+Refreshing


Batch 15: 6.7% ABV // 65 IBU // 1.060 OG

Medium Body+Zippy Citrus+Unfiltered


Coastal Pilsner: 4.8% ABV // 40 IBU // 1.046 OG

Light Body+Zesty Bitterness+Crisp

Aslan Brewery