Bread & Buns

Water Tank Bakery


Skagit Valley baker offers hearth-style sourdough bread and baked goods. Crusty, hearth style made with 100% locally milled flour from Cairnspring Mills. Contains much more natural oils, fats, vitamins and nutritional value than other flour.


Skagit Wheat Sourdough- Water Tank Bakery’s signature bread is a crusty, hearth-style loaf made with 100%locally milled flour. This is a perfect multi-use bread... sandwiches, toast, table bread. A naturally leavened bread. (Type-85 flour, water,sourdough starter, and salt) 1.75 lb.


Raisin Walnut Batard- A classic morning toast, sweetened with raisins and roasted walnuts, but no added sugar. (Type-65 bread flour, whole wheat rye flour, water, raisins, walnuts,sourdough starter, and salt) 1.5lb.


Roasted Onion Boule-This savory loaf features roasted Skagit onions and a silky, chewy texture. Perfect plain or as the basis for a sandwich. (Type-65 bread flour, whole grain rye flour, water, onion, sourdough starter, olive oil, and salt.) 1.5lb.


Pain D’epi (wheat stalk demi baguette)-Formed in the shape of a wheat stalk, this novelty baguette delights bread enthusiasts with its beautiful form and delivers on the hard crust and chewy crumb of the classic. French style baton. (Type-65 bread flour, water, sourdough starter, and salt) 8oz. ea


Oat Pullman Bread- This is a soft sourdough sandwich bread with pre-cooked flour (tang zhong) and oats. A small slice with a milky soft texture, it is a children’s favorite. (Type-65 bread flour, whole wheat bread flour, rolled oats, water, sourdough starter, milk, canola oil, honey, and salt) 2.0 lb.


Rosemary Olive Oil Ciabatta Rolls- Layered with olive oil and chopped rosemary; these humble, sophisticated 4oz. rolls makes a meal outstanding. (Type-65 bread flour, water, sourdough starter, rosemary, olive oil and sal) 6 pk/4oz ea; 24 oz total


Sourdough Sandwich Buns- Freshly milled flour makes the best burger buns! Ingredients: Type-65 Bread flour, sourdough starter, canola oil, eggs, sugar, sesame seed, yeast and salt. 6 pk/4oz ea.; 24 oz total

Bread & Buns