Chocolate Treats

Beach Castle Sweets


These creative chocolate treats are handmade in Anacortes and taste delicious! These make great gift options for that special someone who loves something sweet! Don't forget a treat for yourself!


Fruit & Nut Chocolate Bar: (Milk or Dark Chocolate) Chunks of Sour Cherry and Almond mixed into 4 chocolate squares 3oz/4 squares


Chocolate Barnacles: This lovely mixture of small bite toffee, oreo cookie, truffles, caramel, and nuts, melted together, then slathered with a layer of dark and a layer milk goes great crumbled over ice cream, or just eat it bite after bite! The ultimate mix of sweet cravings mixed into one chocolate treat!

6oz bag


Peanut Butter Clams: Chocolate and Peanut Butter; my favorite! The ultimate snack, sweet and salty inside a cute little clam! 1.25oz piece


Peppermint Patties: A delicious crisp minty wafer inside a layer of dark chocolate. 1oz/2pcs 


Almond Toffee: A definite crowd pleaser! Buttery Toffee inside a layer of chocolate, topped with almonds. Dark & Milk chocolate mix

4oz bag (~4-8 pcs)




Chocolate Treats