K'ul Chocolate Bars

K'ul Chocolates


The word K’UL is Mayan for “the energy and interconnectivity between all living things.” This company follows important values that we hold dear, including  support of women and small farmers, fair wages and treatment, Non-GMO and organic ingredients, and sustainable packaging. They are currently sourcing cacao from two countries; the Dominican Republic and Peru. 

If there is a bar you want to see, let us know! 

2.8oz (80g)


Choose from:

Pure Dark Chocolate: This smooth, creamy 80% dark chocolate brings a unique richness and depth, unlike anything you’ve experienced. Dark cherry notes in the beginning give way to blackberry on the finish.


Toasted Dark Coconut: Rich, complex 70% bean-to-bar chocolate is delicately laced with organic roasted and finely textured coconut to present a twist on a beloved classic.


Espresso & Cacao Nibs Dark 70% : Espresso forward chocolate experience, using the finest grade Honduran coffee from Tony’s Coffee and refine the beans similar to the way we do our cacao; slowly mixing the coffee into a fine paste to fold into the chocolate.


Sea Salt Almond Milk 45%: A classic chocolate pairing. Whole almonds are diced, then toasted and delicately punctuated with grains of pink Himalayan sea salt. All this set in a sea of pure, smooth Swiss-style milk chocolate.




K'ul Chocolate Bars