Herb's Hard Cider

Herb's Cider


Brewed in Bellingham and uses only 100% Organic Pacific Northwest fruit for their sophisticated, bright, effervescent and flavorful ciders. They are dedicated to the craft of fine cider making and use only traditional methods. They do not add sugars (back-sweeten) or anything to flavor the end products.


Wild Farmhouse: 6.8% ABV // (1 bottle) 500ml

A wild fermented, farmhouse-style cider made from a blend of organic dessert
apples, Gravenstein apples and organic pears. Semi-dry with a pronounced
pear character and well balanced residual sugars.


Single Note: 6.5% ABV // 12oz (6 pack cans)

The flagship cider is made from 100% organic apples. Lightly sweet
and pleasantly crisp with a flavorful fruitiness and a perfect balance of
acids and tannins.


Black Note: 6.5% ABV // 12oz (6 pack cans)

A semi-sweet cider made from a blend of 100% organic Washington
grown apples along with Pacific Northwest black currants.


Herb's Hard Cider