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Kulshan Brewery


Specializes in refreshing beers that showcase the wonderful bounty of the PNW.

6-pk /12oz Cans


Mixed Case (12pk cans) consists of:

Bastard Kat, Sunnyland IPA, Heliotrope IPA & Kitten Mittens Winter Ale, Blackberry & Raspberry Apero


Unique variety available:


Raspberry Apero 4.5% ABV 

100 Calories // 4g Carbs // Gluten Reduced at <20ppm

SEE: Bright pale straw, fine white head.

SMELL: Ripe raspberry, slight coriander and citrus.

TASTE: Crisp and extremely dry, with vibrant raspberry notes and a clean finish.

What is Apero? It is a crisp and delightfully bubbly beer brewed for all occasions. Boasting delightful ripe raspberry notes, Raspberry Apero is light and dry on the palate; thoroughly refreshing. 6-pk /12oz Cans


Red Cap Irish Red ABV: 4.8%
SEE: Deep red with a light tan foam
SMELL: Citrus, Toasted Malt, Roast, and Earth
TASTE: Rich biscuit and sweet caramel with drying roast and light citrus hop balance

Red Cap is a beer that gets along with just about everyone. Easy to drink yet full of flavor. Medium in body and creamy on the pallet, it lingers pleasantly and has a malty sweet finish.

6-pk /12oz Cans


Heliotrope IPA ABV 7.3%

SEE: Golden straw in color with a fine white head
SMELL: Strong fruit aromas of grapefruit, mango, peaches, and slight berry
TASTE: Mango, grapefruit & grapefruit pith followed by a dry pine finish

Named after the popular ridge trail that leads to the base of Mount Baker’s Coleman Glacier, Heliotrope IPA is a mouthwatering fusion of classic West Coast IPA characteristics, and new-school fruity, juicy hop flavor.  Apricot, tangerine & grapefruit dominate in both aroma and flavor, accented by milder notes of pineapple and black tea.  Balanced yet fun, smooth yet flavorful, Heliotrope IPA is truly a delicious creation. 6-pk /12oz Cans  


Gose Sour  ABV: 4.0%

SEE: Soft Gold
SMELL: Coriander and Bready Malt
TASTE: Tart, Fruit (Lemon, Pear, Apple), Slight Salinity

Gose was first brewed over 1000 years ago. Light, crisp, low in alcohol & refreshingly tart, this beer is ridiculously drinkable. Small additions of sea salt and coriander add light salinity and spice, while German Perle hops add just the slightest amount of bitterness and noble hop character. 500ml bottle


Blood Orange Gose Fruited Sour ABV: 4.0 %
OTHER: Blood Oranges, Coriander, Himalayan Pink Salt

Tart and refreshing ale to celebrate the changing of the seasons. Light, sour notes blend with blood orange sweetness, creating a radiant beer.  6-pk /12oz Cans


Russian Imperial Stout  ABV: 9.0%
SEE: Black, Dark Cocoa Foam
SMELL: Chocolate, Roasted malt, smokey
TASTE: Roast layers unfold throughout, with hints of dark fruit, and alcohol

Rich, robust and captivating, with chocolate, coffee and smoke character developed from three levels of roasted barley. Aggressive but mellow; A true representation of the bold. 500ml bottle


Craft Brews

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