Cream Top Milk & Creams

Twin Brooks Creamery 


Local dairy farm since 1910, using their own jersey cows. The flavor is first and foremost from the milk that their Jersey cows produce. Jersey milk has a higher "solids" content than most other breeds, and solids in milk is what gives it flavor.


They take this high quality milk and use great care in packaging it. They use the low temperature or vat pasteurization method, which is very slow but preserves the taste of the milk. They do not homogenize the milk, (a process that alters the cream or butterfat portion of the milk so it will not naturally float to the top).

Lastly, they use glass bottles, a container that cannot alter the taste of the milk. 


Please note: There is a bottle deposit of $2. Upon returning your bottle, you will receive the deposit back. 


Choose from:

Whole Milk, 1/2 Gallon

1% Milk, 1/2 Gallon

Heavy Cream, Pint

Half & Half, Pint




Cream Top Milk & Creams