Hot Sauce

El Fuego


This Pepper Sauce is sweet & spicy! The flavors range from sweet with a touch of heat, to sweet with creeping heat. Made by a local artisan in Bellingham with a variety of local produce, she brings the flavor with minimal ingredients. These sauces go with cheese, meat, or as an ingredient to your existing sauce. Check out this link for more inspiring ways!


It's even won some pretty exciting awards! So.Much.Yum.


Check out all of these delicious flavors:


Fresno Pepper Sauce (medium, all purpose) 6oz

Roasted Garlic Habanero Pepper Sauce (hot, all purpose) 8oz

Watermelon Peno(sweet & sassy, pairs with cheese, mild) 8oz (seasonal, get it while it lasts)

Strawberry & Habanero (sweet & spicy, medium)  8oz  (seasonal, get it while it lasts)

Serrano Pepper Sauce (green, medium heat) 8oz

Raspberry Rose (sweet, mild) 8oz    (seasonal, get it while it lasts)

Hot Sauce