Farmstrong Brewery

Farmstrong Brewing


Specializes in crafting award winning beers that showcase the wonderful bounty of Skagit Valley. They partner with local farmers, Skagit Valley Malting, to make sure their ales and lagers use as many local ingredients as possible. 

6-pk /12oz Cans


Skagit Pilsner: ABV: 3.7% IBU: 13
Fizzy yellow beer gets an upgrade. Locally grown, malted, and brewed
in the heart of the Skagit Valley, this award winning pilsner is the
perfect alternative for those light, crisp, crowd-pleasers. 

2018 WA Beer Awards silver medal winner for Best American Pilsner.


La Raza: ABV: 4.1% IBU: 11
Perfect with or without a lime, this lager is designed to delight the
pallet while quenching your thirst. Dry with a caramel sweetness and a
drinkability that's as easy as a day in the sun. 

Farmstrong Brewery