Fresh Mushrooms

Cascadia Mushrooms


Straight from a Whatcom county farm comes a variety of delicious mushrooms. Mushrooms are rich in the B vitamins and carry many health benefits, plus taste great in your favorite meal! 1lb bag


Farmer's Choice: You will get a mix of 2-3 varieties:


Petite Shiitake: (Also known as "black mushroom". They are full-bodied with a meaty texture and distinctively woodsy flavor. They are one of the most versatile mushrooms)

Blue Oyster (mild, subtly woody or like seafood)

Lions Mane (similar to lobster or crab, meaty, and delicate. Once cooked, it's slightly chewy, tender, and juicy)

Queen Oyster (chewy texture and soft with a bittersweet aroma reminiscent of anise. When cooked, they have a mild and nutty, seafood-like flavor).



Fresh Mushrooms

1 Pound