Ginger Tea

Bright & Sunny 


Ginger Beer Tea Infusions are made from the beautiful probiotic and bubbly ginger left over in the kegs. They dehydrate the fermented ginger at low temp to preserve the beneficial bacteria, and pop them into tea bags satchets. Quantities are limited to the amount of ginger beer brewed! 

Miranda's favorite way to keep the probiotics going is sun tea. Take a big jar and fill it with filtered water, any fresh herbs on hand, a Bright & Sunny Infusion tea bag, & a bit of sugar or honey (any coloric sweetener will do) to kick the probiotics back into action. Invert the jar to provide more surface area for the sun to work its magic, and set the jar in a sunny spot for a day or two. Et voilà, a super refreshing and probiotic tea! Each tea bag also makes a bracing cup of hot ginger tea, if you prefer. Enjoy!


Ginger Tea