Gourmet Chocolate

Forte Chocolates


Specialty chocolate from a master chocolatier in Mt. Vernon, WA. Karen has been perfecting her craft locally since 2006 and is now one of the top 10 chocolatiers in the world! Her chocolate and confections have won International and National awards, so we felt it necessary to share these delightful treats with our community! 


Choose your treat:


Buttercrunch Bark:This bark is a sweet buttery toffee center covered in rich dark chocolate and toasted almonds. This creation is very elegant, and extremely addicting! Makes for a wonderful gift, and even more wonderful snacks. 7oz bag


Boxed Truffle variety: A delectable variety of chocolate truffles. 5-pc


Chocolate Bars:  Milk Chocolate Bar, Dark Chocolate Bar, Orange Jazz (dark chocolate), Marcona Almond (Milk chocolate), Lemon Pepper (white chocolate).  2oz


Roasted Peruvian Cacao Beans: 

These beans are the same as the nibs you know, but they are not broken down into pieces and still have a shell on them.  Full chocolate flavor with no sugar added! They are vegan, gluten free, soy free, sugar free, healthy, and DELICIOUS! 4oz


Gourmet Chocolate