Italian Cheese

Ferndale Farmstead


A three generation family is proud to present artisan cheese crafted in the Italian tradition. They use only milk they produce from cows they raise, fed from the crops that they grow. Truly seed to table food. 


Mozzarella: Fior di Latte, or “blossom of milk” translated in English, is a fresh, whole milk mozzarella with a delicate flavor and texture. Made the old fashioned way using Italian cultures instead of vinegar to give you the full mozzarella flavor that this well-known cheese deserves.

1lb log


Asiago Pressa: Cow’s milk cheese pressed into a thin wheel with a firm and somewhat open texture. Asiago Pressa is styled after the Pressata style of this cheese in Italy which is typically only aged 2-3 months. The whole milk gives this young version a sharp and grassy flavor.

5.7oz wedge


Caciotta: A traditional Italian table cheese. A mild yet irresistible flavor with a soft texture, this cheese is tasty and versatile. These small wheels are aged for a short time to give them a safe and natural yellow rind. This cheese makes a great pairing with raspberry and apple at the top of our list. 8oz small wheel


Fuego:  This versatile melting cheese has been coated by hand-rubbing a secret blend of local peppers and spices. Use this cheese on everything from pizzas and quesadillas to asparagus and stuffed peppers.This enchilado coating was done historically not only to add a warm spicy flavor, but also to preserve the rind of the fresh cheese underneath. A unique and obscure chile flake was chosen for its heat to mingle with Jalapenos, reminding you of the depth of flavor found in fresh salsas. 7-8oz wedge


Scamorza: A signature Italian cheese. This cheese is hung on ropes to age, a technique usedby artisans for hundreds of years. This gives it the characteristic pear-shaped body, which is sure to stand out on any cheese plate. 12oz/1lb with rope

Italian Cheese