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It doesn't get much more natural than this! Soap nuts or soap berries, are dried husks from the soapberry tree. They contain saponin, which is a natural detergent. The shell absorbs the water in your washing machine, and releases the saponins which free dirt, grime and oils from your clothes.


You can use each sachet of soap nuts for approx 4-5 loads- (50 loads total)


To use: place 4-5 soap nuts into the included small muslin bag. Tie the bag into a square knot and put in the washing machine while the water is filling. Soap nuts do not create a large amounts of suds, so they can be use in top loading or HE washers. After your load has finished, simply remove the muslin bag before putting clothes in the dryer. If you're washing loads back to back, just throw the bag back in and wash again, but when you're done remove the soap nuts and let them dry between uses. You can use each sachet of soap nuts for approx 4-5 loads. You will know when the soap nuts are spent when they become brittle, and grey in color. At this point, just throw them in your green bin or compost pile!

Laundry Soap Nuts