Maniac Coffee


Who doesn't love a good ol' cup of joe? The folks over at Maniac know how to brew a good cup! They roast locally in Bellingham and have some great values on helping the community too! There's a flavor roast for everyone! 


12oz Bag: Ground or Whole bean


**Also have a Decaf option**


Choose a roast:

  • Home is Where the Heart is: Profits from this dark, smooth roast will be donated to the Whatcom Homeless Service Center. Tastes like home.
  • Raven's Eye: Dark roast. $1 from this roast funds the Humane Society Wildlife Rehab Services. Full body, deep rich chocolate with low acidity and soft fruit sweetness. 
  • The Darkness: Not the darkest, but close. Notes of baker's chocolate, cola, earthy. 
  • Cobra Kai: Tasty blend, light roast. Low acidity and nutty, buttery, cherry cola sweetness. 
  • Bellinghamster: Medium Roast. Great version of a breakfast blend, will get the weary eye bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Warm spice, honey, cinnamon raisin bread notes.