Peanut Snacks

CB's Nuts


The story of how CB's Nuts is pretty cool! Read a bit about NW history here

Peanuts are a fave around here, and these peanuts have the perfect amount of salt and yummy flavor! Our favorite way to eat peanut butter is easy peanut butter cookies, mix in stir fry sauce, slathered on toast, or pair with ice cream! 


Choose from:

  • Unsalted In-Shell Peanuts- In-shell peanuts that make snacking fun! 12oz
  • Kettle Roasted Salted Peanuts (spanish peanuts) Lightly salted and crunchy 

      1.5 oz snack size or 14oz

  • Kettle Roasted Jalapeno Peanuts (spanish peanuts)- slightly salted with a touch of spice 1.5oz

Peanut Snacks