Straight from the farm up the road in Bow, this dairy makes some creamy, dreamy cheese! There is a cheese for every meal. 


Vache: (10oz) This smooth, creamy, spreadable creamed cheese is great for spreading on your favorite snack or bread, or mixing in a sauce or dip. Very versatile! 1st Place Award by the American Cheese Society

Greek Yogurt: (16oz) This plain greek style yogurt is so creamy! Mix a jam in, use as a cream base, or eat straight out the jar!

Queso Seco: (4-8oz: size varies) Good cheese to grate into your favorite meal, or slice on a snack. 

Feta: (4-8oz: size varies) Chewy, salty, firm goodness! 

Mozzarella: (8oz) This cheese seriously melts in your mouth. Not too salty, pure creaminess. 

Samish Bay Cheeses