Spice Hut


Enjoy that first sip of specialty teas, created in Bellingham by a woman owned business. The sash is compostable after sipping your warm cup of delicious tea. 

16 ct box


Creme De La Earl: Calming, Rich, Mellow

Passion Fruit Rooibos: Fruity, Floral, Decaf

Blueberry White Tea: Fruity, Refreshing, Rich

Chamomile Dreams: Calming, Decaf, Sleeping

Genmaicha Green Tea: Sweet, Healthy, Calming

Okinawa Lemon Green Tea: Citrusy, Minty

Daybreak Asam: Bold, Sweet, Calming

Orange Cream: Fruity, Creamy, Caffeine-free

Washington Apple: Apple, Spiced, PNW flavor